Why You Need Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

Why was it so expensive to protect my eyes?

So I did the next logical thing. I went onto Amazon and searched for yellow tinted computer glasses. Unfortunately, there were not many sizes or styles to choose from. I went with the most standard pair with the highest rated reviews I could find. When they arrived, I quickly realized they were just a tad too tight. The yellow tinted glasses caused headaches for a whole other reason.

Reasons to Buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses

  • All day protection
  • Sleep improvement
  • Great for office workers,gamers, avid screen users, and more!
  • Reduce headaches from viewing the screens

So what if you want a pair of non-prescription blue light filtering glasses?

Research has shown that bougie brands or designer eyewear may not necessarily possess the eye protection that the consumer assumes the product provides. Without costing an arm and a leg for everyday eye protection, many sunglasses and clear lenses provide blue light protection.

Top 3 Affordable Blue Light Filtering Glasses Retailers:

www.zerouv.com | Budget-friendly quality meets style glasses from Huntington Beach, CA



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