How to Survive Online Classes — 9 Tips to to Succeed in Online School

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash
  1. Practice Time Management: Before starting your semester, it is best to check the syllabus and jot down important dates or due dates. Many people like to have a physical calendar, some prefer sticky notes, and others have trouble keep tabs on what is next. Take this opportunity to practice your time management skills. There are free apps like Google Calendar that will help you keep track of important dates, and even help you schedule your time by the minute. Allow yourself to have enough time and prioritize what needs to be done.
  2. Devote a Place for Study: Set up a place in your room, home, or area that will help you separate your school/work life from your home life. It is important to dedicate a space so you don’t get overwhelmed. It also helps you zone in and better focus as you know that it’s time to get things done.
  3. Avoid Distractions: Turn off your phone, tv, and any other potentially distracting electronic devices. Tell your family, roommate, or friends that you are busy so that they understand you need some time to get your schoolwork done.
  4. Network and Participate: You’re not alone. Get to know your professor and join the online discussion boards. This is a great opportunity to consume course material and get to know people in your online school.
  5. Form a Study Group: With booming modern technology, it’s becoming easier to connect with people around the world. You can not have meetings in the comfort of your own home. Studying with another student you feel comfortable spending extra time with will help you in the long run. You can even split up to make the study guides.
  6. Treat it Like an In-Person Class: Without meeting in person, you can easily fall behind. Do your homework/assignment. Take notes. Study. Treat the online course as if you were taking it on campus.
  7. Don’t Procrastinate: You may feel overwhelmed with the number of tasks and assignments you have, but they are designed to help you learn. Ultimately you just got to make sure you get things done. Even if you fall behind, remember that you can get help. Take a moment to breathe and think about what needs to be done.
  8. Take Breaks: Allow yourself to go on breaks. Refill your water, grab a snack, or stretch. Either do it every hour or 2 hours.



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