How to Set Up Your Home Office and Increase Productivity — 7 Tips to Start Working From Home Like a Pro

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7 Tips to Set Up a Workable Home Office:

1. Plan Ahead

Make a list of the things you want and need for your home office. Begin by asking yourself some simple questions: Do you want to stand or sit? Will you be making Zoom video conference calls? Do you want to make small changes or start fresh? Are you working from home full-time? Will this space be utilized to help you run your business? Consider all questions that will come into factor when you’re shopping for your furniture, equipment, decorations, etc.

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2. Dedicate a Workspace

Designate an area in your home to set up your home office. Whether it be in your bedroom, living room, or in the study, ideally you’d want a space where you will be able to separate your home life from your work life. Bring in some rugs and dividers if you need help setting the atmosphere.

Find an area where you’ll have lots of light. While a window is most ideal, any proper lighting set up will work. This step will ultimately help you reduce strain on your eyes.

If your space is smaller by default, you might just have to get a little bit more creative with the furniture and equipment. Opt for smaller tables with built-in storage to fully maximize your space.

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3. Research Office Furniture

If you’re spending long hours working at home, consider researching more information about ergonomic furniture. Shop for the perfect desk with a height that will be compatible with your body AND your comfy chair.

If you’re thinking about standing while you work, try looking into getting an adjustable desk. These types of desks will come in handy when you need to sit down or readjust according to your specific needs. If you’re looking to stand for longer periods of time, a standing mat will better help prevent aches and pains.

Also don’t be afraid to utilize wall mounts and floating shelves to make your space feel larger than it seems.

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4. Connect Your Equipment

Purchase a surge protector to connect all your electronic devices. Consider upgrading any obsolete devices that may decrease your productivity. You want to get things done efficiently and not have to deal with any tech-related setbacks. Make sure you are able to connect to the Internet or have access to Wi-Fi connectivity. If you’re far away from your Internet router, try installing a Wi-Fi booster for a better basic connection.

5. Gather Office Supplies

Whether it be pens, highlighters, markers, staples, post-it notes, you want to be prepared and have everything you need on or around your desk. Either have everything you need in a drawer or have an organizer that will hold all your office essentials.

6. Organize and Declutter

Avoid leaving piles of paperwork on your desk. Clutter makes it hard for you to stay focused as it can disrupt your workflow. Eliminate this problem by clearing all your paperwork into folders and binders. Binder clips or paper clips will help you organize and keep track of your important documents.

Practice cleaning your table at least once a week. Wipe it down with cleaning supplies and take out any trash can in your area. When you come back to resume work, you will feel good and clean.

7. Add a Personalized Touch

Since you are in control of your own home office, you have the ability to make working from home feel like your dream job. Don’t be limited with a photo frame or a coffee mug. Take an extra step to add a pop of color through home decor that will surely inspire!

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